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September 2020

what is bee aware month?


Bees around the world are in trouble. Biosecurity, pesticide use, diseases and bugs are just some of the problems bees face.  A world without bees would be a very bleak place indeed. Much of our food depends on pollination by bees, as do our gardens and a lot of other products we rely on. 
While our Kiwi bees are not declining in numbers as much as bees in some other countries, events like Bee Aware Month are crucial to raising public awareness to prevent similar losses occurring.



How can you help?

Plant Bee Friendly Flowers

One of the best ways to help bees is by 
planting bee-friendly plants. Some of the best plants to attract bees into your garden are lavender, rosemary, thyme and borage.


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Spray Safely

Pesticides can have a devastating effect on our bees. To help keep bees safe from pesticide use:

  • Read the label and make sure pesticides  you are using are bee friendly.
  • Never spray when plants are in flower or when bees are in your garden
  • It is best to spray early in the morning or at sunset when bees are not outside working.

Shop Local Honey

Our bees make delicious, high quality honey.  By eating New Zealand honey you are  supporting our beekeepers who work hard to care for our bees and their environment.


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the way we see it,

it's all connected.

this unique land, the bees & us.


We have a responsibility to look after it all and, if we do, our communities will thrive;
we will be able to hand a better world on to the next generation.



Tell us what you are doing to Bee a Hero during September and be in to win some fantastic prizes.
To enter follow @beeawaremonthnz on social media and share a pic telling us what you have done to help our Kiwi bees.
Make sure to use the Hashtag #BeeaheroNZ An Apiculture NZ Initiative.


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